Applying involves two steps:


1.      Graduate Division Admission


When to Apply

We strongly encourage prospective students to apply and send the required documents as EARLY as possible to the Admissions Office. Students applying for the fall, spring, or summer terms should apply no later than one month prior to the first day of classes for the term in which they seek enrollment. (See the Academic Calendar in the WNMU Catalog for specific dates.) Students who submit applications after the recommended dates are not guaranteed admission to the university for that term.

(Note: The Academic Calendar in the Catalog will reflect exact date deadlines that will reflect the “one month prior to the first day of classes for the term” date.) A student seeking to obtain a graduate degree at WNMU must complete a two-part admission process. This two-part process should be initiated concurrently. In Part One, students apply for admission to the WNMU Graduate Division. In Part Two, students apply for admission to a specific graduate program using the application requirements of that program. Students should follow these steps:


Part One: Graduate Division Admission

To apply for Graduate Division Admission, an applicant must do the following:

1. Complete and submit the online Graduate Application form;

2. Provide the Admissions Office with copies of official transcripts showing the award of a bachelor’s/master’s degree from a regionally accredited college. or university. These transcripts must be on file before an applicant is admitted to graduate study and no later than the end of the first semester in which any graduate course work is taken.
Upon completion of the application process, applicants will be placed in one of the following:  

A. Graduate Division FINAL Admission/Good Standing

Note: Graduate Division FINAL Admission does not guarantee a student admission into a specific program.

1. M.A., M.A.T., M.O.T., and M.S.W. Applicants

a. M.A., M.A.T., M.O.T., and M.S.W. applicants with an overall grade-point average of at least 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 for the last 64 credit hours undergraduate/ graduate work will be admitted on Graduate Division FINAL Admission/ Good Standing status.

b. M.A., M.A.T., M.O.T., and M.S.W. applicants who have already completed an advanced degree will be admitted on Graduate Division FINAL Admission/ Good Standing status. Students must provide the Admissions Office with an official transcript showing the award of a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Part Two: Program Specific Admission

A Program Specific Admission student is one who meets all general requirements for admission to the WNMU Graduate Division, as well as admission requirements for a specific graduate program. Not all graduate programs have additional admission requirements, but for those that do, admission to a specific graduate program should be initiated concurrently with admission to the Graduate Division.

1. Submit a complete application packet for review to the specific graduate degree program to which the candidate seeks admission. Program specific application packets must be completed by the end of the first semester of attendance. Following review, students will be notified of Program Specific Admission by the applicable department or program.

2. Students must follow the admission process guidelines of the program to which they are applying. Students may not proceed beyond nine credit hours without meeting admission requirements for their specialized program.


Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree


1. Degree Plan

After FINAL admission to the WNMU Graduate Division AND a specific graduate program, students and the assigned graduate advisor(s) will develop a graduate degree plan. The advisor, or advisors, in the case of the M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies degree, will forward the degree plan to the Department Chair(s)/Dean(s) for review. The Department Chair(s)/Dean(s) then send it to the Graduate Division Office for final approval. A copy of the degree plan is then sent to the Registrar’s Office. Progress on degree plans of all graduate students is reviewed at the end of each semester and summer sessions by the Graduate Division, by the respective advisor(s), and by the Department Chair(s)/Dean(s).


2. Application for Graduation

An approved degree plan and an application for graduation must be filed with the Registrar's Office by the following deadlines: September 1 for spring graduation, February 1 for summer graduation, or June 1 for fall graduation. Students will be advised of the results of the degree audit by the Registrar's Office.


3. Comprehensive Examinations

For graduate degree programs requiring completion of a program administered comprehensive exam, students apply for permission to take the comprehensive graduate division admission / 399 examination at the beginning of the semester in which the examination is to be scheduled. Written comprehensive examinations are scheduled three times a year in spring, summer, and fall. A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit must have been completed or in progress during the semester in which the examination is scheduled. Administration of the comprehensive exam will be the responsibility of the Dean and/or Department Chair and the student’s advisor(s). This examination may be retaken only once.


4. Exit Requirements

Students must meet exit requirement(s) as determined by each graduate program. Students seeking a degree in Educational Leadership may take the New Mexico Teacher Assessment #35 Educational Administrator Content Knowledge Exam or the Praxis-Educational Leadership. These examinations should be taken the semester before the student expects to graduate.



The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership is designed “to ignite and nurture a spirit of learning...”. It prepares teachers and other education professionals for New Mexico state licensure as school administrators by building increased awareness, knowledge, and skills for a variety of leadership roles. Leadership, communication, curriculum, assessment, teacher evaluation, and the use of technology will be taught by way of active student participation. The State of New Mexico Administrator Competencies and the Interstate School of Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLCS) will be emphasized to capture the essential aspects of leadership at both the state and national level.

NOTE: An applicant for administrative licensure in New Mexico must hold a level IIIA teaching license. (Minimum of six years teaching experience). SB133 was passed into law in April 2009 and may provide an avenue for alternative administrative licensure.

Step One: Apply to the WNMU Graduate Division

In addition to Graduate Division Admission requirements, the graduate candidate in

Step Two: Develop an Admission Portfolio for your Application to the EDL program, including:

The EDL program must:


1.   Develop an Admission Portfolio s your Application to the EDL program, including:


a) the WNMU Letter of Graduate Division Admission (“FINAL” only);

b) three letters of recommendation from current principal/supervisor, and other

persons who are qualified to assess the leadership, scholarship, and professional

potential of the graduate candidate;

c) a writing sample which is a 500 word essay answering “Why do I want a MA in Educational Leadership, including what leadership qualities I currently have;

d) a résumé; and

e) Criminal Disclosure Statement; Confidentiality Agreement; Student Coe of Conduct Statement; and Computer Use Agreement. and


The EDL 581 and EDL 582 Internships are the culminating courses in the program with a minimum of 180 hours of supervised field work under the guidance of a mentor leader. The graduate candidate must have completed at least the five required core EDL courses to qualify for the internship. Candidates must all coursework,, a comprehensive portfolio, and the New Mexico Teacher Assessment #35 Educational Administrator Content Knowledge Exam, the Praxis-Educational Leadership; or the WNMU Comprehensive Graduate Exams.  



 (36 credit hours)


Graduate Core Requirements (3)

EDUC 500 Methods of Research 3

EDUC 506 History & Philosophy of Education 3

Total credit hours 3


Educational Leadership Core Requirements (15)

EDL 520 Curriculum, Instruction, & Program Leadership 3

EDL 523 Professional Development & Assessment 3

EDL 524 Characteristics of Effective Leadership 3

EDL 560 Legal Aspects of Education 3

EDL 561 School Finance & Budgeting 3

Total credit hours 15


EDL Core Courses (Select 3 of the following courses) (9)

EDL 525 Education in a Pluralistic Society

or EDL 526 Educational Leadership in the Public Domain

or EDL 530 Resource Management

or EDL 545 Current Educational Trends & Issues 3

Total credit hours 3


or an additional course from the EDL elective list 3

Total credit hours 9


Required Culminating Core Courses (6)

Note: Student must have completed the five core EDL courses to quality for internship.

Degree Total 36

For a second masters, please see Earning a Second Masters Degree in the WNMU Catalog.


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