Office of the President
WNMU Core Values

WNMU Core Values:

1 Innovation/Creativity: In every obstacle we see opportunities to provide practical solutions to problems, addressing and redefining them to match our institutional strengths. We embrace continuous improvement, encourage invention, and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals. We reward creativity and support actions toward positive changes for society.

2 Integrity: We operate ethically, and hold ourselves accountable to our students, the community, and all who serve WNMU’s mission. We uphold standards of honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency. We recognize that we are individually accountable and collectively responsible for living and encouraging the highest of ethical standards.

3 Intellectual Curiosity: We seek the advancement of knowledge, critical thinking, inquiry, and discovery through our teaching, service, and research. We continuously learn from our achievements and our challenges. We encourage our students and colleagues to challenge each other in the support of academic freedom: inquiry, pursuit of ideas, and creative activity.

4 Personal Responsibility: We recognize our responsibilities to the students, to each other, and to the community. Individually and collectively we strive to exceed our students’ and our colleagues’ expectations achieving teaching and service excellence and creating a welcoming positive learning environment.

5 Service to University and Community: We are good neighbors and a positive force for change. We foster communities of caring, respect, and civility. We engage with our communities, serve society, and build capacity for relating to one another.

6 Student Success: We provide our students with the tools essential to build their futures and succeed in life as productive, educated citizens.

Goals and Objectives


Goal 1 Primary Owner:

Data Owner(s):

(1) Institute and nurture a culture of student success. (KPI Metric:)

a. Reevaluate the University’s administrative structure and processes as to their effectiveness in supporting student success. (Measures: )

i.                    Commit to and appropriately fund a University College where all students will be admitted and supported until they meet certain criteria for admission into their major or program.

The institution will use the University College as a research tool to address key elements identified in the research study listed under Goal 1b. (Measures: )

ii. Reevaluate the Graduate Assistant program to ensure it appropriately supports the teaching and research activities of the University. (Measures:)

b. Undertake an on-going research study to include establishment of baseline and trend data on the reasons why students choose WNMU, leave once enrolled, and stay at WNMU. (Measure: research protocol established by end of summer 2014 with update presented at president’s fall start of school meeting; data collection begins summer/fall terms).

i.                    Create an integrated university retention plan based on the research study and best practices in related areas. (Various Measures: Increase retention rates by x% and graduation rates by x%.).


ii.                  Ensure University implementation and on-going use of successful best practice developmental studies approaches. (Measure: developmental success to next level of course)

iii. Create a robust, embedded tutoring program in critical areas using institutional work-study funds. (Measure: increase in program retention in tutor-supported areas by x%).

c. Expand and reinforce WNMU’s multicultural, inclusive, creative, and caring community of teaching, scholarship, and service. (Measures: )

d. Create a university-wide plan for the delivery of academic programs, both online and face-to-face.

e. Create an office to support international students and faculty and study abroad initiative.

Goal 2 Primary Owner:

Data Owner(s):

(2) Foster a collegial environment that encourages high morale and excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. (KPI Metric:)

a.       Be the best place to work. (Measure: Improve specific Great Colleges results by x%)


b.      Provide appropriate, on-going training and development activities campus wide that foster or expand professional or job-related skills. (Measure: Great Colleges feedback; activity evaluations)


c.       Promote teaching, scholarship, and service productivity among administration, faculty, staff, and students. (Measures: )


d.      Generate annual funding sufficient to expand cost-of-living and equity adjustments for faculty and staff salaries in a fiscally responsible manner. (Measures: )


e. Continuously improve and formalize internal communication processes. (Measures: )

Goal 3 Primary Owner:

Data Owner(s):

(3) Create and implement a University-wide structure of accountability. (KPI Metric: )

a.       Support and expand a culture of data informed decision-making related to WNMU’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan. (Measures: )

i.                    Identify peer and aspirational institutions with which to benchmark. (Measures: )

b.      Redesign the administrative, faculty, and staff evaluation processes to better reflect and communicate university performance expectations. (Measures: )

c. Maintain financial indicators within the range expected by legislators, lenders and accrediting bodies (e.g. bond ratings, HLC ratios, HED required reserves, etc.) (Measures: )


Goal 4 Primary Owner:

Data Owner(s):

(4) Serve as a leader and model for the communities in which we live and work. (KPI Metric: )

a.       Set employment standards that support WNMU being the best place to work in the region in terms of both compensation and benefits. (Measures: )


b.      Exercise communication and information sharing that is accessible to all WNMU constituencies ensuring transparency in our operations. (Measures: )

c. Identify, invest in, and develop productive relationships with all WNMU communities and constituencies. (Measures: )


d.Design and implement a knowledge management repository that supports sharing of learning across internal and external communities. (Measures: )


e. Create a culture of environmental sustainability that guides decision making.


Goal 5 Primary Owner:

Data Owner(s):


(5) Implement strategies for institutional sustainability. (KPI Metric: )

a.       Increase revenue through increased retention rates and targeted recruitment while maintaining affordable tuition. (Measures: )


b. Invest in WNMU’s ability to develop and be awarded competitive grants from external sources. (Measures: )

i. Create an office of sponsored research and grants

c.Increase external funding support by investing in the communication, coordination, and prioritization of WNMU’s outreach and development efforts. (Measures: )


d. Formally analyze WNMU processes and use the results to improve efficiencies, effectiveness and more collaborative activities. (Measures: )


e. Create a university-wide plan for technology infrastructure that supports online, face-to-face and other classroom modalities.

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