Athletic Facilities

  • Brancheau P.E. Complex houses an intramural gym, racquetball courts, indoor swimming pool, classrooms, and offices for the Athletic Department and the Department of Wellness and Movement Sciences.  A student ID, semester pass, or activity punch card is required for each visit to the Brancheau Complex.  Contact Campus Recreation at 575-538-6161 each semester for specific facility hours and racquetball reservations.
  • The Ben Altamirano Memorial Stadium is the first on-campus field since the late 70s and is used when the Mustang football team takes the field. All students must present their ID to receive free admission into a game.
  • The WNMU Field house is now part of the Brancheau Complex. This is where intercollegiate games are played for both men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball. All students must present their ID at the game to receive free admission into a game.
  • The WNMU Tennis Courts are well maintained for the intercollegiate tennis teams (men's and women's), the student body, and the community.
  • The WNMU Mustang Softball Field is home to the Mustangs' softball team, the 2004 West Region champions, 2007 RMAC tournament champions, and participant in the Elite Eight tournament.
  • The Fox Athletic Complex opened in the fall of 2001. It includes a weight room, locker rooms, coaches’ offices, restrooms, ticket booth, concession stand, and training facilities. The students at WNMU helped to purchase all the new equipment.   For information on using the weight room, please contact 575-538-6767.  All students must present their ID upon entry.


Canvas Access

On-line course work is presented on WNMU’s learning management system, Canvas.  You can access Canvas from the home page of our website.  There is a link listed on the Quick Links menu, upper right, or you can go directly to Canvas provides a tutorial to assist you to become familiar with its features.  There is also a no-charge, no-credit course, IPS 010 that is intended to help students become acclimated to on-line learning.  This class becomes available a few days before the beginning of each semester and takes only a few hours.  You can ask your advisor to enroll you.


Book Store

The WNMU Book Store is located on the first floor of the Student Memorial Building.  They carry a complete array of school supplies in addition to textbooks and e-textbooks for purchase or rent.  You can search their website at


Computer Labs  

WNMU has a robust wireless network, and is also host to multiple open computer labs and some specialized labs on campus.  These labs are available to students, faculty and staff of WNMU.  Each lab on campus contains most of the same software to enable students to work at the location most convenient for them.  Projection systems are available and assistance is always provided.  Windows and Macintosh computers are available and include peripherals such as scanners, digital cameras, CD-RW’s, DVD players, inkjets, color and black and white laser printers.  All labs have full Internet access.  Hours and information for the labs can be found at


1      The Special Needs Lab is located in Room 220A in the Juan Chacon Building.  The lab is open to students with disabilities first then to any other student as needed.  Voyager, a text enlarger, is available for students with visual impairments.  Also available for student use are voice calculators, a closed-caption TV-VCR, a Braille printer, and two Braille labelers.

2     The Academic Support Center lab, located in Juan Chacon Building, is open to all students, staff and faculty.  The lab is equipped with 20 computers including Macintosh and Dell.  CLEP, COMPASS and Discover testing are available in this lab.

3     The largest open lab on campus is the Global Resource Center Lab located downstairs in the east wing of the GRC.  The GRC Computer Lab operates for the benefit of the students.  Software utilized is updated when necessary to accommodate what is being taught on the campus.  The lab is equipped with 42 computers including Macintosh and Dell.  CD-burners, color laser printers, scanners, digital cameras and other peripherals are also available for student use.

4    There are printers and computers available in the Miller Library.


The Printing Policy for the computer labs is as follows:


  • Students are expected to know the student lab policies.  A copy of the student lab policies is located on the web at:
  • The first $25.00 (subject to change) of printed material is free.  Additional pages need to be paid for at the Business Office in $5.00 increments.  Unused balances do not transfer between semesters.
  • Transparency printing on lab provided transparencies costs $1.00 per page.
  • Color laser printing costs $0.50 per page.
  • Photo Ink-jet printing on various types of paper costs from $1.00 -$5.25 per linear foot up to a paper size of 24" wide.
  • All pages printed will be charged to user accounts except for technical issues encountered such as paper jams, low toner, etc.  Please be advised that the labs do not guarantee publishing quality printouts.


Financial Aid

Step-by-step instructions for applying for financial aid are available by selecting the Financial Aid link at  See also the WNMU Catalog section entitled “Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Graduate Students.”


IT Help Desk

For any IT support, call the Help Desk at 4357 (575-574-4357 off campus). The Help Desk is open each week day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There are also documents posted at to assist you with common problems.


Library and Research Facilities

J. Cloyd Miller Library is located next door to the Student Memorial Building and can be accessed via the third floor of the Student Memorial Building, or from the front Library entrance off 10th Street.  The primary purpose of the Miller Library is to provide the WNMU community with the resources, services, facilities, and equipment required for research and instruction. 

Mustang Express and WNMU E-Mail  

Once you have been admitted to WNMU, you will be assigned a user name (generally your last name and first initial) and a student “W00” number.  To log on to Mustang Express the first time, go to the WNMU website and click on "Mustang Express" (right hand of the screen); enter your user name (i.e., smithj) and using your “W00” number (i.e., W00123456) as the password.  You will immediately be asked to set up your own password. Your WNMU e-mail address will be your user name plus  “”  

Mustang Express is WNMU’s web portal that allows easy access to a variety of campus services for the staff, faculty and students of WNMU. Mustang Express can be accessed at


Mustang Express provides students with many useful tools including targeted announcements providing information based on major, classes and other information unique to each student. A WNMU email account for each student is created to provide communication between students and faculty. Mustang Express also provides access to the WNMU Information & Registration System. The system allows students to view grades, access financial aid information, class schedules and much more. 


Parking and Student Identification

A permit is required to park on campus. There is no charge for a parking permit.  Register all vehicles at the Campus Police Department, Castorena Building.  The parking permit is placed under the rear view mirror.  Parking permits expire August 15th of each year.  Any vehicle not registered is subject to removal from the campus, and fines will be assessed. 


Handicapped parking permits issued by New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division, must be displayed on the vehicle along with a current identification sticker from WNMU at all times.


Student IDs are issued by the Campus Police Department.  You must provide proof of enrollment at the time you report to have your ID issued.  Full-time students receive a student ID free of charge. If the ID is lost or misplaced, there is a fee for a replacement.  Part-time students can obtain a student ID by paying a fee at the Business Office. 


Postal and Shipping Services

The Campus Post Office (CPO) is located to the left of the main entrance to the Brancheau P.E. Complex and is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  All outgoing mail delivered to the CPO before 2:00 p.m. will be sorted and delivered to the Silver City Post Office by 4:00 p.m.  Any mail delivered to the CPO after the 2:00 p.m. deadline will be delivered to the Silver City Post Office the next business day.  Federal Express and UPS pick up and deliver to the CPO, check with the CPO staff for schedules.  CPO personnel will sell you postage stamps, determine proper postage, and assist with all of your packing needs (boxes, tape, and envelopes.)



The Registrar’s office is responsible for maintenance of all educational records for WNMU.  They can assist you with grades, course changes, transcripts, etc.  To access information about their services, go to


Second Master’s Degree

See current WNMU catalog for program specific information.


Disability Services

The mission of the Disability Services Division is to provide WNMU students with disabilities the support services, tools, and reasonable accommodation that allow them to fully participate in the academic environment of Western New Mexico University. For more information go to


Student Health Services 

The Student Health Services clinic is conveniently located on the top floor of the Juan Chacon Building in Room 250.  The professional staff provides Primary Health Care services.  Services include an on-site pharmacy and screening labs.  Family Planning services and sexually transmitted infection testing are available for low-income students under a Title X grant.  Student health insurance policies are available.  Student Health Services is funded solely through student fees.  For information and appointments call 575-538-6014.


Teacher Learning Center (TLC)

Located in the Martinez-Fall building in room 204, the TLC is maintained by the School of Education. The TLC acts as the NM state textbook adoption review site, a text book adoption review resource site for public school teachers, and as a resource for faculty and students at WNMU.   Area public school teachers can check out the materials for 1 month, WNMU students can check out materials for one semester.  The TLC hours vary; call (575) 538-6404 to hear a recording of the current semester’s hours of operation.


Tuition & Fees

Information regarding current tuition rates for graduate students can be found at  Please note that these rates do not include lab or course fees or the cost of books.


Writing Center

The Writing Center is available to all students to help them develop and improve their writing.  We assist students in all aspects of writing, including:


  • understanding and analyzing assignments
  • analyzing the audiences (usually teachers)
  • brainstorming
  • developing a thesis (when relevant);
  • selecting, developing, and supporting content
  • organizing
  • editing for clarity and power
  • proofreading
  • using style formats (MLA, APA, and Chicago)

Because our goal is to guide students to become independent, competent writers, we work primarily by asking questions.  While we sometimes give specific advice or make corrections, or model ways the students might handle particular writing situations, we focus on helping writers reach their own solutions.  This is often done through a series of questions that lead writers to understand what they have written and how they might improve.  We do not edit or revise students’ writing; rather, we help them learn how to do it for themselves.  The Writing Center is located in the Miller Library and can be reached at (575) 538-6051.