17 WNMU Students Earn American Welding Society Certifications

Some of the 17 WNMU students who recently earned American Welding Society certifications in basic welding positions.

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Recently, 17 WNMU students earned certifications in basic welding positions through the American Welding Society, which is recognized nationally and internationally as the premier welding certification body. “In the 11 years that I have been at WNMU, this is a record number of students to pass American Welding Society certifications in a single semester,” said James Ortiz, who is Director of Applied Technology in the WNMU Community and Workforce Development Department.

Those earning certifications included high school students who are dual enrolled, traditional students, and also Freeport-McMoRan employees who returned for training during a furlough period. “They are upgrading their skills in welding and electrical to be more valuable employees,” James said.

A complete list of the newly certified welders ranked according to the level of skill they demonstrated follows:

Tommie Perez, 1G
Obed Hernández, 1G (Freeport-McMoRan)
Ethan Sanchez, 1G
Federico Jiménez, 1G (Freeport-McMoRan)

Juan Morales, 2G
Richard Domínguez, 2G (Freeport-McMoRan)
Luz Ponce, 2G

Seth Neal, 3G, Open root
Juan Roacho, 3G
Kodie McNeil, 3G, Pipe (dual enrolled)
Gabriel Dorame, 3G
Johnathan Morales, 3G
Yair Casillas Robles, 3G
Anthony Labadie, 3G
Carlos Campos, 3G

Ty Holman, 6G, Pipe (dual enrolled)
Joseph Holguin, 6G, Pipe

“Each level of certification indicates the positions in which the welds are found and the part that will be used. In a nutshell, 1G pipe is rotated, 2G pipe is horizontal, 5G is vertical up and 6G is at a 45-degree angle upward,” James said. “These foundational certifications will remain vital across a variety of industries for many decades to come.”

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