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University Highlights

“The Algorithm of I” Wins Award

The New Mexico Book Association has chosen “The Algorithm of I,” written by Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jack Crocker and published by Mimbres Press of Western New Mexico University, as the winner in the poetry division of the Southwest Book Design and Production Awards. The awards rec

MSW Awarded Top Honor

EDUMed recently awarded top honors to the WNMU Master of Social Work program in evaluating more than 7,000 like programs nationwide. In comparing affordability, student support and outcomes and academic rigor, the fully online MSW program ranked second in the nation for 2023.  The program prepares culturally competent generalists ready to enter a competitive workforce

WNMU Ranked Top Online MBA

Online Master's Degrees has ranked WNMU as a top school of its online MBA program for 2023. Citing the program's overall quality, affordability and commitment to student success as compared to more than 7,000 other accredited programs from throughout the nation, the ranking also credited the university's work to ensure costs remain low across the board for WNMU students.