Plants of the Gila Wilderness

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The Bryaceae are acrocarpous mosses The family has been polyphyletic in the past according to Weber & Wittman and has undergone recent changes. More so, perhaps, than with the other mosses shown on, ID's of the Bryum species are the best I can come up with but must be taken as tentative. The genus Pohlia has been classically a member of the Bryaceae, but more recently has been placed into the Mniaceae. It has been suggested that Pohlia may need its own family. We treat Pohlia here for lack of a clearcut answer.

Bryum argenteum
Bryum lanatum
Bryum miniatum
Gemmabryum caespiticium
Gemmabryum dichotomum
Imbribryum gemmiparum
Plagiobryoides incrassatolimbata
Ptychostomum pseudotriquetrum
Rhodobryum ontariense
Rosulabryum laevifilum

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