Mosses of the Sacramento Mountains-- Sobefree 2010

Sobefree 2010

Sobefree 2010 Group

Dr. Brent Mishler

Sobefree is the annual three-day moss workshop and wilderness foray organized by the University of California, Berkeley and founded by Dr. Brent Mishler. Sobefree participants are a combination of North America's leading bryologists, Masters & PhD candidates in leading labs, and even beginners. Everyone with an interest in mosses is invited.

Sacramento Methodist Assembly

Each year Sobefree travels to a different location in the U.S., selected for the diversity of mosses available, suitable accommodations with consideration given to expense, and the likelihood of finding interesting material that is not covered in snow during Spring Break when the meeting is traditionally held. This year, Sobefree was held at the Sacramento Methodist Assembly in the Sacramento Mountains.
Sacramento Mountains

Dr. Kelly Allred

Co-organizers of this year's meeting were Dr. Brent Mishler and Dr. Kelly Allred. About forty people attended and were treated to wonderful guest accommodations and a wonderful diversity of mosses at both upper and lower elevations in the Sacramento Mountains about 26 miles south of Cloudcroft.

Forays into the wilderness

The meetings begin with all day forays into the wilderness looking for moss specimens. Locations are chosen such that strenuous hiking is not required. A wide assortment of moss genera is assured by careful planning ahead of time.
Syntrichia ruralis

Evening sessions

After collecting during the day, the evening sessions consist of keying out the collections, student presentations, and general comraderie and discussion. We are already looking forward to Sobefree 2011 which will be held in Northern California. Stay tuned!

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