Mosses of Sonoma County-- Sobefree 2016

Sobefree 2016

Sobefree 2016 Group

Lichen Man Brent

Stephen Rae, Kiamara Ludwig, David Hutton & Brent Mishler organized Sobefree 2016 (#21) for a large group of bryologists young and old at the CYO Camp in Occidental California! The facility was fantastic, never has a Sobefree eaten so lavishly. Each day we went on field trips and we keyed out specimens in the evenings. On the beginner's tour, we found mosses including Ephemerum serratum, as well as liverworts and hornworts.
At Armstrong Redwoods

Ken and Ed at Armstrong Redwoods

On Saturday we traveled to Armstrong Redwoods State Park and took a narrow winding road up to the top of the world it seemed. The views off the the west and south were endless and spectacular. Lots of bryological treasures were collected including Didymodon vinosum, Pleuridium acuminatum and Fissidens curvatus. Lots of liverworts and hornworts were collected at the bullfrog pond.
Ephemerum serratum

Theresa Clark and Stephen Rae at Armstrong Redwoods

We had lunch as a group at the top of the mountain with the most fantastic views. After we had explored the top, we slowly drove down the road again and stopped at a creek to collect more hornworts, liverworts (Cryptomitrium, for example) and mosses.
Karen and Michael in the microscope room at Harriman Hall

Phaeoceros pearsonii, a hornwort

The weather for our first day out at Armstrong Redwoods/Austin Creek was clear, warm and spectacular. We were treated to a refreshing (!) downpour to help us find bryophytes at Bohemian Grove on the second day, Sunday. After collecting a number of bryophytes including the liverwort Porella navicularis and finding the poisonous California newt, we returned to the CYO camp to eat and examine our finds.
The waterfalls at Armstrong Redwoods

The creek at Bohemian Grove

I don't know how many dozens of bryophytes were collected on these two days of sobefree, but it was a lot! Everyone enjoyed the education, the comradery, and the great food. I can't wait to see you all next year!
The poisonous California newt

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