Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness

Presented in Association with the
Western New Mexico University Department of Natural Sciences

Talinum aurantiacum Engelmann
(Orange Flamethrower)

Family: Portulacaceae

Status: Native

Phemeranthus aurantiacus (Engelmann) Kiger

Talinum aurantiacum has bright orange petals and linear-lanceolate leaves with a strong central vein. It is found on dry hillsides and in canyons at middle elevation. Early in the season, Talinum auranticum has a solitary stem and may look rather diminutive, but as the season progresses the more successful plants become more branched and may have many flowers per plant open simultaneously.
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Talinum aurantiacum, photo Russ Kleinman, Burro Mtns., Pancho Canyon, July 23, 2007

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