Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Teams (active)

Co-Chairs: Patricia Cano, Gilda Baeza Ortego

Past Co-Chair: Mary Billings

Commitment and processes: The SOTL teams (Student Writing and Student Work Experience) have been active for two years. The Student Writing Team has surveyed faculty regarding student writing needs and, as a response to identified needs, helped to create the Online Writing Center. This team has worked closely with the Humanities faculty to identify opportunities for improvement in the current Developmental Writing/Composition & Rhetoric student experience. The other half of the SOTL initiative, the Student Work Experience Team, surveyed work study students (twice – once to gain a summer student perspective) and their supervisors to identify the needs of these employees. Phase 2 of this team’s work involves compiling an institution-wide student employee handbook to include information on safety issues, campus contacts, customer service essentials, and general policies. Each of these teams require approximately 12 hours per semester (in addition to meeting time) from members.


Online Writing Center

Revised, institution-wide student employee handbook (in progress)

Title V grant (in progress)


Marketing/Communications Team (active)

Co-Chairs: Claudia Leonard, Margaret Soucy

Past Co-Chair: Irene Meares

Commitment and processes: Over the past 2 years, this team has conducted 2 campus-wide marketing surveys and, based on the feedback received from these, WNMU is in the process of hiring a Public Relations firm. Approximately 4 hours per month were needed by team members (as opposed to co-chairs, which would require more time commitment) per month to do Team work.


PR Firm contracting (in progress)

WNMU Marketing Surveys


Strategic Planning Team (active)

Facilitator: Kathie Gilbert

Commitment and processes: Over the past year, the team has met quarterly for 4 to 6-hour sessions. Pre- and post-meeting work is often requested of members. The Team has created a strategic plan through an institution-wide process of gathering SWOT feedback, which was then aggregated and structured as goals and strategies. 


WNMU Strategic Plan (draft)

Institutional Scorecard (in progress)



Human Resources Team (new)

Co-Chairs: Beth Walker, Kelley Riddle

Commitment and processes: Due to the great need for improvement in this area, and given the fact that Human Resources processes impact every department on campus, this new team will be meeting twice monthly for an indefinite period of time. Immediate plans are to create a new employee orientation process. Other areas of improvement include screening/hiring processes and professional development. Members can expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours per month meeting and doing team work.


Former AQIP and PMT (Process Management Team) results:


Communications Team (retired):

Co-Chairs: Magdaleno Manzanarez, Marie Leck

Commitment and processes: this very productive team met at least once monthly for a period of five years. Approximately 4 hours per month were needed by team members (as opposed to co-chairs, which would require more time commitment) per month to do Team work.


Information Station (during registration rush)

Ombuds Office

Building Engagement and Attainment of Minority Students Project (BEAMS)

Centralized, improved University calendar



Advising Team: Mustang Express Advising Space (nationally recognized by NACADA in 2005), Advising Training Program on campus, and the Advising Handbook. Co-chairs: Marcia Bourdette & Curtis Hayes


Funding Team: Identified retention and grant writer position as key issues; both of these have been included in the WNMU Strategic Plan. Co-chairs: George Muncrief & Terri Holguin


Process Management PMT: Office of Statistical Analysis & Research.


Distributed Education PMT: Standardized procedure (checklist) for creating online courses, including NCA and HED processes (note: this team researched, compiled, piloted and completed this process in 3 months). Team Leader: Mary Billings