Institution Name: Western New Mexico University

Action Project Title: Improve Communication with all Campus Constituencies

A. Describe the past year's accomplishments and the current status of this Action Project.

Review: The project to improve communication processes, both internal and external, was initiated in June of 2002 and one of the first initiatives was to establish an Information Station, which was completed on a pilot basis in August of 2002 as planned. It is commendable that the quality committee members volunteered their time during the pilot process. It will be good to review the satisfaction survey report and see identified any initiatives that have resulted on a long-term basis from this pilot project. The identification by the quality committee of the major concern regarding communication was a solid first step in the quality process. While the Information Station was established primarily for students, it appears that the committee also felt that it would be helpful for other internal constituencies as well as some external relationship building.

Overall, the valuing of people (AQIP criteria 4) and building collaborative relationships (AQIP criteria 9) are major components of building channels of communication, along with the way you have attempted to strengthen the understanding of students’ and other stakeholders’ needs (AQIP criteria 3).

The steps taken so far are on target with AQIP criteria and the project’s initiatives/goals.

B. Describe how the institution involved people in work on this Action Project.

Review: The Information Station appears to be a catalyst for encouraging all constituencies to have input from the identification of concerns right on through evaluation of the pilot project, with people from all segments/areas/levels of the institution having the opportunity to help identify questions, provide equipment, signs, volunteer, and/or respond to evaluation surveys for the pilot project. Good involvement of people for an initiative that was identified by the people. Continuous reports given at places/times where the most people are present is good, minutes of meetings published openly on the AQIP page, and including the information in new faculty orientation sessions are good ways to build the communications channels.

C. Describe your planned next steps for this Action Project.

Review: By now, some of your next steps, including the establishment of a permanent Information Station may be accomplished or further underway for the fall 2003 semester. More strategies that you planned to develop to increase communication are also undoubtedly either in the development stage or already developed. You have done well in reviewing the satisfaction surveys of students and increasing the satisfaction of students from 4:36% to 10.21%, so your step of ensuring that students are not getting the run around, as well as learning what is happening on campus through the establishment of the Information Center Pilot was helpful. Next steps of determining how to implement it on a permanent basis are important if it is not already accomplished. Continuing to monitor the student satisfaction survey is an important step towards demonstrating achievement of this project.

D. Describe any "effective practice(s)" that resulted from your work on this Action Project.

Review: The trial run or pilot project that you have deemed a success is commendable. Please be sure to contact AQIP if you wish to use this as an "effective practice" so that AQIP can provide the appropriate materials for you.

E. What challenges, if any, are you still facing in regards to this Action Project?

Review: Your challenge of implementing this pilot project as a permanent Information Station may have already been met. If not, then you have already identified this challenge. You are on target with working on identification of additional communication issues that faculty and staff articulate and attempting to develop strategies to address these concerns.

F. If you would like to discuss the possibility of AQIP providing you help to stimulate progress on this action project, explain your need(s) here and tell us who to contact and when?

Review: N/A