Action Project Annual Update

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Action Project title: Create an Advising Process that Enhances Student Retention at WNMU

Name of Institution: Western New Mexico University

Name of Person to contact

for additional information: Kathie S. Gilbert

Telephone number: (575) 538-6348 Email address:

  1. In the past year, what have you accomplished on this Action Project? What is its current status?
  2. An AQIP Advising Team consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators was created. This group developed a mission statement and definition of good advising. The Team agreed upon a model for advising in which several faculty receive release time to assist the professional advisors in the Academic Support Center in advising undeclared majors. This system was implemented in the fall semester. By the completion of 48 credit hours, all students are to declare a major and their advising file is transferred to a faculty advisor in their major. The Team also recommended that all advisors at incoming students’ orientations receive training prior to the orientations. The Academic Support Center provided several half-day training sessions. The Team also developed a preliminary draft of a procedure and an evaluation instrument for students to evaluate advisors.

  3. How did you involve people in your institution in your work on this Action Project?
  4. As with all three of the Action Projects at WNMU, this Action Project was developed in three campus-wide forums. Once the Action Project was developed, faculty and staff were invited to serve on the team that is overseeing implementation.

  5. What are your planned next steps on this Action Project?
  6. The Advising Team had developed a timetable for projects to be completed in this academic year. These include finalizing and implementing a process for student evaluation of advisors; developing an advising handbook for advisors; providing training for half the faculty who are involved in advising; developing and administering satisfaction surveys for faculty to evaluate the training, the Early Alert program, and the dissemination of information about advising; developing survey questions concerning advising to be administered to current students and alumni, and overseeing the collection of data relevant to outcomes and process measures and stretch targets.

  7. Has your work on this Project resulted in an "effective practice" of which you are proud and that we could share with the broader higher education community? If so, describe the practice.
  8. Not yet.



  9. What challenges or problems, if any, are you still facing with regard to this Action Project?

The co-chairs of the Advising Team feel that not all of the administrators responsible for the collection of data regarding outcomes and process measures and stretch targets are fully aware of the importance of gathering performance data and are not yet giving the collection of data the importance it deserves. This was discussed with the campus AQIP coordinator who is working with appropriate individuals to ensure this is a campus priority.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of AQIP’s providing you with help to stimulate progress on this Action Project, explain your need here and tell us whom to call, and when.

Not at this time.