HelloWho are we?

This AQIP Communication team comprises of representatives from staff, faculty and students.  It is committed to making sure that input from the campus community is properly channeled and heard.  Members currently serving on the team are:

Matthew Eilert                                    575-538-6276

Leah Gomez                                      575-538-6392

April Hanson                                      575-538-6458

John Lavalle                                       575-538-6256

Marie Leck                                         575-538-6109

Claudia Leonard                               575-538-

Magdaleno Manzanarez                   575-538-6229

Margaret Soucy                                 575-538-6549

Vivian Myers                                      575-538-6629

SmileWhen does the AQIP Communication Team meet?

Our meetings are every other Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. in the Student Memorial Center 3rd Floor lobby area. Anyone who has something they would like the team to address may contact one of the members to be placed on the agenda.

Thumbs UpCan we talk?

That’s the question that is being addressed as part of the AQIP accreditation process.  Are we listening to constituent/stakeholders’ concerns and issues and addressing them appropriately?

Our mission:

A. Identify communication problems

B. Look for solutions

C. Implement solutions

D. Measure effects

E. Report on findings

Key Issues Identified: 

*      The perception of top-down/inadequate communication

*      Timely flow of information including advising, registration, financial aid, admissions, policy and procedure guidelines, etc.

*      The need for more efficient technology access and training and more effective use of technology (email, fax, etc.)

*      Training

*      Lack of organized channels for sharing information

Nerd 1 What has the TEAM been up to?

The team recommended the creation of the Information Station, which is activated at the beginning of each semester, has monitored the Information Station’s effectiveness since the Fall 2003 semester and will continue to monitor its effectiveness.

The team recommended the creation of an Ombudsperson position. That position was created with the appointment of Dr. Kathie Gilbert as WNMU’s first Ombudsperson in July, 2005. 

WNMU’s portal technology, Mustang Express, provides a vehicle for taking different calendars and integrating them into one which lists all appointments or events planned by different stakeholders.  The team has been promoting a Centralized Calendar to be used across all departments since 2004.   Are you on board yet?

In support of distributing information at multiple sites across the Silver City campus wit kiosk technology, the team conducted student focus groups to determine the best locations for the new kiosks.  This information has been forwarded to student government, information technology, maintenance, and students affairs as programming and deploying the kiosks continues.

Light Bulb Communication Ideas That Work

*      Keep your voice-mail messages under one minute.  That forces you to plan what you’ll say and speak more concisely.

*      To identify high-priority tasks, sit down with your to-do list and ask yourself “If I just gave 30 days’ notice, what would I want to get done before I left?”

*      As this question before you end a networking conversation:  “Now what can I do for you?”  That helps you build a relationship that will meet both parties’ needs. (from 1001 Ways to Get Promoted, David E. Rye).

*      Unleash creativity at your next brainstorming meeting by using the simple phrase “Up until now.”  Example: Instead of shooting down an idea by saying “We couldn’t possibly do that,” say “Up until now, we haven’t been able to do that.”

TechyPractice Good “Netiquette

Netiquette is a set of rules (mainly unwritten) to follow while you’re on-line. These rules have sort of evolved and exist to make the Internet a better place. While these are not carved in stone - you may become un-welcomed if you deviate too far from them. Some places on the net have different variations of what is considered acceptable.

*      You should never do anything online that you wouldn't do in real life.

*      Respect your audience. Good discussion should always be welcomed but don't waste other peoples time with idle nonsense.

*      If you respond to a ListServ and mean to send a private message to one person - you have wasted a lot of people’s time and possibly shared information that was not intended to be viewed by anyone else.

*      Before you participate in a newsgroup discussion - read the FAQ (frequently asked questions).

*      Don't use all caps. Using all caps equates to yelling. DON'T DO IT!

*      NEVER send unsolicited junk mail. Don't forward junk-mail. Don't forward chain letters. Don't forward the letter from Bill Gates saying that the first 1,000 people to forward this letter will get money. It is not real. If it says "FORWARD" this to everyone you know - DON'T.

*      Always identify yourself. Don't hide your identity on newsgroups, e-mail or chats - or should I say don't hide behind thinking that you are hiding your identity.

*      Don't try to gain access to places or resources that you don't have the proper permission.

*      Be forgiving - everyone was new at this stuff at one time. Don't argue. If you think something happened that needs further attention - talk to your system administrator.

*      Don’t send as an attachment what you can send in the body of the email.

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