Alumna Meeting Pandemic’s Demand for Anesthesiologists

WNMU alumna and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Camille Hawkins, who is now an anesthesiology resident physician

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WNMU alumna and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Camille Hawkins recently became an anesthesiology resident physician in Ohio. “I love taking care of patients of all ages in an acute setting, providing critical care, doing procedures, and working in the operating room atmosphere,” she said.

Now meeting the increased demand for anesthesia providers worldwide, Hawkins also works with for COVID-19 patients. “As anesthesiologists, we’re extensively trained in providing critical care and ventilator management inside and outside of the operating room and there was an increased need of our services outside of the operating room this past year,” she said.

Hawkins said her path to medicine was unique. She started college wanting to teach physical education then changed her major to biology for secondary education at a state university in northern Arizona. “My mom passed away suddenly at the end of sophomore year and had me reevaluate my life goals. Shortly after, I transferred to WNMU because my husband played football for the Mustangs and I took the opportunity as a fresh start,” she said.

At WNMU, Hawkins decided to major in cell and molecular biology with a minor in chemistry. “I had excellent mentorship, experiences, and opportunities to grow into the person and professional I wanted to be. I was active in volunteering with Hidalgo Medical Services youth programs and was also able to participate in shadowing there and was blown away by the community health center model,” she said.

After graduating from WNMU in 2013, she went on to attend medical school and “fell in love with anesthesiology” during her third year. “It has definitely been a long road, but I wouldn’t trade one day, even as a resident.”

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