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A program designed to get in-demand drivers behind the wheel &
on the road to success.
Frequently Asked Questions

The WNMU commercial driver’s license program costs $4,850, paid directly to Prime Time CDL.

Yes, your investment of $4,850 covers the cost of tuition, the Department of Transportation’s required physical examination and the fees to obtain a commercial learner’s permit and commercial driver’s license.

No, this workforce training program does not require an application for admission to WNMU.

You can sign up by calling Prime Time CDL directly at 915-314-2626.

Currently, this course does not count toward a certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s program but rather provides a direct corridor into the workforce.

WNMU has partnered with Prime Time CDL, a company dedicated to preparing and training long haul truck drivers throughout New Mexico and Texas. All driver training and class work takes place at WNMU|Deming.

Because this program is not a college credit-bearing program and designed to fast-track students into the workforce, financial aid is not available for this program. While attendees are not eligible for funding like institutional scholarships, New Mexico Lottery/Opportunity Scholarship and Federal Pell Grants, students are allowed to seek support through programs like employer reimbursements.

Yes, Prime Time CDL provides flexible payment plan options to ensure cost is never a deterrent for anyone interested in obtaining a commercial driver’s license.

This program is designed to get students through the classroom and road skills phase in 4 to 6 weeks with attendance Monday through Friday.

The WNMU CDL course begins a new class every two weeks.

The CDL course is offered in a hybrid format that includes both a virtual and in-person segments. While the entire course can be completed at WNMU|Deming, not all areas of this course may be completed 100% online.

Certifications are included once the student obtains their CDL. Student will have to pay for the testing of the certification.