Dog Park Rules Posted At Cornali Field

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The temporary closure of Cornali Field ended recently when park rules were posted at each entrance to the Virginia Street property, owned by Western New Mexico University.

The posting of rules followed a community meeting led by WNMU President Joseph Shepard on July 1 where he heard from area residents who expressed interest in the continued use of Cornali Field as a dog park. The signs list 19 rules developed for the safety of the dogs and the dog owners when visiting Cornali Field.

The temporary rules will be in place for a trial period of six months or until new rules are established. A committee of community members is being formed to help develop permanent rules and dog park hours. The advisory group is made up of area residents who signed up at the initial forum on July 1.

WNMU is working with Silver City Animal Control and area enforcement personnel to develop effective enforcement measurements.

Cornali Field Rules:

A.Dog defecation is to be immediately removed by owner.

B. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the park. Dogs exhibiting unusually aggressive behavior are to be removed from the park at once.

C. In the event of dog bite or injury, owner/guardian must exchange current tag information and phone number.

D. Dogs must not be unattended. Any dogs left unattended will be taken to the shelter.

E. All dogs must be spayed or neutered.

F. For the health and safety of puppies, no dogs under the age of four months are allowed to use the facility.

G. All dogs over the age of four months shall be fully vaccinated and licensed.

H. Dogs with communicable diseases are not allowed on park premises at any time.

I. Female dogs in any stage of heat are not permitted in the park.

J. Small children must be closely supervised by an adult at all times. Please discourage your child from running to minimize the chance of your child being chased.

K.Dogs only! Animals other than dogs are not permitted inside the park.

L. Alcohol is prohibited.

M. Glass bottles and/or containers are not permitted in the park.

N. Grooming of dogs is prohibited in the park.

O. Abandoning of animals is prohibited.

P. Excessive barking is prohibited. Dogs that are excessively barking are to be removed from park immediately.

Q. Owners assume all liability associated with their behavior and their dog’s behavior. WNMU is not responsible for any liability associated with the use of the park. Persons entering the park do so at their own risk and liability.

R. Park is open from sunrise to sunset. The park will be closed for periodic maintenance.

S. Dogs must be on a leash when entering or exiting Cornali Field.

For more information, contact the Public Information Office at 575.538.6336 or

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