Dual Degree Will Serve Business Student With Global Goals

Exchange student Marian Valle

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Marian Valle arrived at Western New Mexico University ahead of the fall semester, eager to begin her exchange program. She is from Caborca, Mexico, where she studies business at her university’s local campus. An agreement between her hometown institution and WNMU allows her to spend a few semesters in Silver City and earn a dual degree—a bachelor’s in business from this American university as well as a degree from her school in Sonora.

This program seems like an obvious avenue toward her life goals. “Since I was a little kid, I always dreamed of having my own company and traveling the world,” Valle said.

Only she and one other Mexican student applied for the competitive opportunity this year, and they were selected based on their grades, their resumes, and their ability to speak English.

Waiting on the confirmation of scholarships and student visas is a process that takes a lot of time and patience, Valle said. Now that she’s here, “Everything is different.”

She lives on campus. At home, she would commute. “And WNMU has more events where you can make friends. In Mexico, it’s not that way,” Valle said.
Brought to campus by an uncle, Valle is looking forward to her family visiting Silver City for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Outside of her school work, Valle said she has always been interested in the environment and climate change issues. “I also like music, art and traveling.”

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