Level I Nursing Students Welcomed to Profession With Purple Coats

The WNMU School of Nursing Class of 2024 takes an oath of patient care.

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The newest cohort of WNMU School of Nursing students underwent the purple coat ceremony Friday. This rite of passage, which traditionally uses white coats, emphasizes the importance of compassionate patient care at the very start of training and prior to their clinical experiences.

“Our nursing students are Mustangs, who wear their purple scrubs with pride. This year, instead of the traditional white coat, we decided to coat our students with purple scrub jackets,” said WNMU School of Nursing Associate Professor Krista Wood. “This cohort is both passionate about the nursing profession and dedicated to meeting the demands of a very rigorous program.”

The 20 Level I WNMU nursing students recited an oath of patient care and then were cloaked by WNMU professors Ariana Garcia, Erin Wood and Krista Wood, who welcomed the class of 2024 and recognized the students’ new status as healthcare professionals.

“By accepting the purple coat, our nursing students demonstrate that they are entering our noble profession and will persevere,” said WNMU School of Nursing & Kinesiology Associate Dean Dr. Kimberly Petrovic.

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