Twisted Vine Literary Journal Spring 2022 Edition

"Misconstrue" by Edward Michael Supranowicz

© Western New Mexico University

Spring 2022 edition of Twisted Vine Literary Journal debuted this week. The student-run journal curated by the WNMU graduate writing program is committed to publishing both emerging and established literary and visual artists. Twisted Vine seeks to represent an eclectic mix of ideas and values with a particular interest in pieces that challenge or redefine expression in new and inviting ways.

The student staff — Taylor A. Russo, Jennifer Hardesty, Karl Blakely and Kathleen Mariel — produced the spring 2022 issue under the guidance and direction of WNMU Associate Professor of English/Writing and Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director Dr. Heather Steinmann.

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see the creative process thrive in the face of a future unknown,” said Managing Editor Russo. “A clear thematic picture emerged from the pieces submitted to our journal, which reflect a contemplative examination of our past, present, and future. The works presented throughout this issue capture life in totality — a loss of childhood wonder reinvigorated by small moments of inspiration and hope. They remind us that even in times of devastation or loneliness, we take note of the things that bring us happiness. We return to the simplicity of our innocence and the awe of our imagination. Even as we age, our thoughts and feelings embrace a former naiveté that lives on deep in our psyche. It is an understanding that, no matter when our time comes, there will be another tomorrow.”

Read the Spring 2022 edition of Twisted Vine Literary Journal here.

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