Western New Mexico University’s 51st Great Race To Run for Full Week

Western New Mexico University students push an un-motorized cart through a mud pit on campus, racing for glory during the five-decade-long tradition known as Great Race.

© Western New Mexico University

Western New Mexico University’s Great Race will run April 15 – 21, 2018. With events on every day of the week, this university tradition will again unite students in competition and promote comradery among Mustangs and the Silver City community in its 51st year. The event concludes Saturday with a public festival in Old James Stadium and the spectator-friendly race.

Great Race began in the spring of 1967 when a few students wanted to get out of their residence halls to do something exciting. That first year, they raced down Rhoda Road on bed mattresses, according to legend. The following year, they formalized the race, creating teams and – inspired by the Indiana 500 – encouraging students to build their own cars.

Now organized by the Mustang Entertainment, Western New Mexico University’s student programming board, Great Race has grown into a colossal demonstration of school spirit over several activity-packed days.

Highlights include the long-beloved King of the Mountain race, in which racers will push carts up what has historically been known as Cardiac Hill, and the annual talent show.

During the Great Race itself, team members push un-motorized go-cart-like vehicles, steered by one person along a race course that traverses and circles campus. Along the way, they’ll have to make a pit stop, put the car up on blocks and run laps it while the driver does burpees.

For more information about Western New Mexico University’s 51st Great Race, visit entertainment.wnmu.edu.

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