Accreditation and Bond C Success

Pictured is the main exhibition area of Fleming Hall, home to WNMU Museum.

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Western New Mexico University continues in our successes.  A few days ago we received word that we have been reaffirmed in our Higher Learning Commission accreditation for another eight years.  Your efforts, diligence, perseverance and dedication are the reasons for this reaffirmation.  With no follow-up issues, you are to be commended for our collective achievement.

Further success occurred last night when voters went to the polls and soundly passed the General Obligation bond that supports higher education capital outlay.  Our share of the bond proceeds will be $6 million.  This money will be used to complete the Light Hall renovation project whereupon we will have, upon completion, modern and well-equipped classrooms coupled with appropriate heating and cooling.  Additionally, our museum will now get climate control, enhanced security, and fire suppression systems.  Finally, we will also have funds to begin the planning for the renovation of Harlan Hall to bring state-of-the-art equipment and design to our science curriculum that match our outstanding faculty and staff of those programs.  Through your efforts and your support, more funding is coming to Western to enhance the education experiences of our students and provide a better environment for all.

In other updates, the fitness center is now under construction with the old pool removed.  The next phase is to rebuild a new pool and renovate the locker rooms.  As money permits, we will also be building outdoor amenities such as a sand volleyball court, a basketball court and a stage area for concerts.  Additionally, new marquee signs are soon to be constructed in front of Light Hall and at Watts Hall to display the various activities on campus.  Finally, new exterior lighting will be installed that is energy efficient and night sky compliant.

I am excited by the number of recent successes and the gratitude is because of what each of you do for our university.  We continue to advance our desire to transform the future together.

President Joe Shepard

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