Adele M. Springer’s Passion for Data Led Her to a Top Position at WNMU

Adele M. Springer, Office of WNMU Institutional Research and Outcomes Assessment

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Adele M. Springer has held six job titles at Western New Mexico University over the past two dozen years. From Oklahoma, Springer arrived in Silver City with an associate degree in data and began her career at WNMU while working toward a bachelor’s. Most recently, she worked as the administrative and executive secretary for Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Jack Crocker.

As of fall 2019, she makes up the Office of WNMU Institutional Research and Outcomes Assessment. “The only person who wasn’t happy about the switch was my husband, who complained that I was already staying up until eleven o’clock at night playing with data anyway,” she says.

Adele is fixing past errors and staying on top of what’s being input now so the university has accurate, reliable, and, ultimately, useful data. She hopes her work helps WNMU operate more efficiently and cohesively. “I want a data warehouse that everyone contributes to and pulls from when reporting. I want be the researcher for the whole university,” she says.

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