Action Project Report


  1. In the past year, what have we accomplished on this Action Project? What is its current status?


The AQIP Team proposed the creation of an ombudsperson office.  This recommendation came as result of stakeholders’ concerns as expressed in separate surveys. The Team forwarded its recommendation to Executive Council. It was also discussed at the quarterly AQIP meeting in May. At that time, we were asked to clarify some concerns about the scope and structure of the position, which we are currently doing


In our last report we indicated we would monitor our initial recommendation regarding the Information Station. The Information Station recommendation was in response to students concerns about the poor flow of information when trying to seek services from the university. The recommendation called for a permanent Information Station, which would not only facilitate the dissemination of information to students but also to staff and faculty. The Team makes the following observations regarding the Information Station:

       While the Information Station was not in place for the Spring 2002 registration period, it was included in the budget for the 2003-2004 year and a staff person assigned to manage the Information Station during the registration period. In addition, peer leaders from our Title V program are utilized to greet and assist students.

       Feedback received from students continues to suggest this is a welcome improvement for the delivery of student services.

       Noel Levitz survey information indicates progress in our goal to match our national peers in responses to questions related to “students getting the run-around”.


  1. How did we involve people?


Students, Staff, and Faculty were asked to participate in the initial gathering of information concerning communication problems in the university. The AQIP Communications Team is made up of Faculty and Staff and minutes of meetings are available on the WNMU portal. Employee and student surveys are also used to gather up-dated information each year.


This Action Project was discussed during the May Quarterly meeting, which was attended by members of the Executive Council and representatives from other AQIP committees on campus.



  1. What our planned next steps on this Action Project?


Work to clarify some concerns the Executive Council has about the scope and structure of the position. The Executive Council requested this additional information before they will take action.


Work with other areas that will support improved communication on the campus identified on the initial survey and on subsequent ones.


  1. Has our work in this project resulted in an “effective practice” of which we are proud and that we could share with the broader higher education community? If so, let’s describe the practice.


The Information Station has generated strong response from students and employees. They find it an effective mechanism for informing students and showing students that we are interested in making their lives easier.



  1. What challenges or problems, if any, are we still facing with regard to this Action Project?


Convince decision makers that the Ombudsperson office is an appropriate action given the concerns expressed by our stakeholders. Continue to address communication concerns of the faculty, staff, and students including how to better utilize existing communication mechanisms.



6. (Optional question). If we like to discuss the possibility of AQIP’s providing us with help to stimulate progress on this Action Project, let’s explain our need here and tell AQIP whom to call, and when.