Institution Name: Western New Mexico University

Action Project Title: INCREASE FUNDING

Evaluation Commentary:

The rationale for this action project is based upon an appropriate concern for the potential loss of state and federal funding for higher education in general and Western New Mexico University in particular.

The university has recognized the relationship of the action project to AQIP Criterion Six-Supporting Institutional Operations and Criterion One-Helping Students Learn, Criterion Eight-Planning Continuous Improvement, and Criterion Nine-Building Collaborative Relationships.

The university action team might also consider how the action project relates to the ten AQIP principles. For example, the principles on foresight, agility, focus, involvement, and learning appear to be linked.

Most AQIP schools soon discover that the information provided in the AQIP Handbook concerning criteria and principles is of value in promoting campus-wide systems thinking which can promote achievement of a process-focused organization demonstrating institutional quality performance.

The Western New Mexico University action project describes activities undertaken to identify new funding sources. One outcome of this activity was to shift the quest for funding more directly to sources obtained from student recruitment and retention. It is noteworthy that the university has set both quantitative and qualitative stretch targets (measures) for the duration of the three-year action project. Achievement of these funding

goals will surely enhance institutional well-being.

No AQIP assistance is requested for this action project.

Achievement of the declared project goals will demonstrate that Western New Mexico University is making reasonable progress towards development of establishing funding processes that will ensure deployment of systems thinking on the campus essential for enabling institutional improvements.

A. Describe the past year's accomplishments and the current status of this Action Project.


An action project team was formed to identify funding sources.

A list of potential funding sources was developed with the goal of increasing funding the first year by 10%.

B. Describe how the institution involved people in work on this Action Project.


The action team invited members of the university community to meet with the committee.

Monthly reports were shared with the campus community.

C. Describe your planned next steps for this Action Project.


Auxiliary funding sources such as credit cards will be explored.

Special courses for credit will be explored.

Comparative two-year data will be tracked.

D. Describe any "effective practice(s)" that resulted from your work on this Action Project.


The university describes outcomes that have the potential for producing positive results. However, no specific "effective practice" is identified in the report.

E. What challenges, if any, are you still facing in regards to this Action Project?


The ability to stimulate funding increases within a narrowly restricted domain of opportunities

The ability to match the university mission and programming to identified funding possibilities.

F. If you would like to discuss the possibility of AQIP providing you help to stimulate progress on this action project, explain your need(s) here and tell us who to contact and when?


No assistance is sought.