To:  All faculty and staff

From:  Peggy Lankford, Staff Senate President

            Gwen Cassel, Faculty Senate President

Date:  February 20,2001

Re:  Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) Forums


By this time, you have probably heard about North Central Association of Colleges and Schools' (NCA) new approach to accreditation, The Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP). AQIP allows institutions to use an ongoing process of improvement designed by the institution to demonstrate quality of higher learning.  This is very different from the traditional view of accreditation and WNMU has the distinction of being one of the first institutions to adopt this new method of accreditation. 

Two forums are scheduled to bring faculty and staff together to better understand the AQIP process and to involve faculty and staff in the development of goals for WNMU.


Department chairs and directors are aware of the importance of faculty and staff input and encourage attendance.  Faculty and staff will facilitate these forums.  Please plan to attend ONE of the following times:




February 23, 2001

1:00 - 4:30

Seminar room - Student Memorial Building

February 28, 2001

8:30 - 12:00

Light Hall Auditorium

An attachment accompanies this information to review about the AQIP process. It will be very helpful if you have looked over this information before the forum. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your respective Senate President.  Hope to see all of you there.

Peggy Lankford, Staff Senate President
extension 6629

Gwen Cassel, Faculty Senate President
extension 5171