Edited: General Obligation Bond 3 Will Provide $4 Million To WNMU

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This fall, voters in southwest New Mexico will be asked to invest in the state’s public colleges, universities and specialty schools. General Obligation Bond C (referred to as GO Bond 3 and formerly known as GO Bond C) is asking voters to approve nearly $215.6 million or needed renovations, upgrades and improvements. Voting “yes” on GO Bond 3 will not increase property tax rates.

Approval of Bond 3 will mean an allocation of $4 million for Western New Mexico University, which will fund the expansion of healthcare training programs. Also, passage of Bond 3 is estimated to create more jobs in construction and architecture while boosting local economies and gross receipts tax revenue.

In Grant County, WNMU would use GO Bonds to renovate and upgrade its historic Graham Gym and make needed improvements to Old James Road, an important throughway in the heart of the campus.

In Luna County, GO Bonds would help complete the new WNMU | Deming Learning Center, including construction of a parking lot, installation of data cable and other additions to the new site. WNMU | Deming provides education and training in nursing, welding, commercial driver’s licensing and other in-demand education programs from certificates and bachelor’s degrees to advanced graduate programs.

For many of New Mexico’s colleges and universities, including Western New Mexico University, GO Bond 3 is the only source of adequate funding to modernize facilities taxpayers have already paid for, improve safety and technology, and boost degree or certificate programs that give New Mexicans the knowledge and skills they need to pursue high-paying, in-demand careers.

These voter-approved funds are crucial to ensuring WNMU remains able to attract the best and brightest students and faculty as well as provide a quality education.

The passage of GO Bonds has most recently allowed WNMU to upgrade campus’ science laboratories and restore historic Fleming Hall, which houses the WNMU Museum. “Now, WNMU is better able to serve students with goals of working in healthcare, natural resources, and education. The university is also better able to protect and share access to cultural resources, like the world’s largest collection of Mimbres pottery and materials, with a facility worthy of their value,” WNMU President Dr. Joseph Shepard said. “Voting yes on GO Bond 3 will similarly support the work of WNMU and other colleges and universities around the state without increasing the burden on New Mexico’s taxpayers.”

Absentee voting and in-person early voting begin on Tuesday, October 11. Expanded early voting is scheduled from Saturday, October 22, through Saturday, November 5. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, with polls open for in-person voting from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For additional information about General Obligation Bond 3, including a detailed list of projects the bond would fund throughout New Mexico, visit BondCforNM.com.

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