Rebeca Portillo Improves on her Natural Abilities Through Dual Degree Program

Rebeca Portillo, who is in the dual degree program available through the WNMU School of Business and University of Sonora

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“I’ve always been good at convincing people to do something,” said Rebeca Portillo. “When I was little, I didn’t know that you can make a career out of that.”

With marketing as her focus, she is enrolled in dual degree program offered jointly through WNMU School of Business and the University of Sonora, where Rebeca is from.

As a student, she’s discovered how to infuse creativity into her work. “It’s not only selling. It’s getting to know the products and what people want then making people want the things you’re selling,” she said.

It’s a topic Rebeca will be delving into more over the next year and a half while she’s on campus in Silver City. “I think we’re prepared. We were good students back home, but this will be tough,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity.”
Normally, Rebeca likes escaping to the beach in her free time, but for now, she’s looking forward to getting into the Gila National Forest.

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