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Wells Fargo CollegiateŽ Loan

Lender Code 807176



0.50% interest rate reduction at repayment upon verification of graduation with the Wells Fargo Student Graduation BenefitSM Program1

0.25% interest rate reduction at repayment when Wells Fargo automatically withdraws payments from a personal checking or savings account12

Cosigner release after making the first 24 consecutive on-time monthly payments3

Interest Rate Spread: Index + 1.00% to Index + 7.99%

Deferred Payments: No payments are required while a student is in school (up to seven years) and for up to 6 months after graduation or leaving school

Wells Fargo retains the right to discontinue or modify our rewards for future disbursements at any time without notice.

Reduced interest rate requires continue automatic payment from a personal checking or savings account. If the automatic payment is cancelled at any time after repayment begins, the discount will be lost until automatic payment is reinstated.

Borrower must be a U.S. citizen and meet minimum credit requirements at the time of the request.

The Index is equal to the Prime Rate. If the Prime Rate changes, it will change monthly on the first day of each month. However, the Index is subject to a contractual minimum of 3.25% (the Variable Floor Rate). Effective for loans first disbursed on/after July 16, 2009.


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Lender Code 831312




Zero fees (no origination fees, no prepayment fees)

2% Graduation Reward (2% cash reward on the outstanding principle balance at graduation, for private loans only)

0.25% Auto Debit Reward (0.25% interest rate reduction when payments are set up for automatic debit from a bank account)

Interest rate: Prime plus 1.00% to Prime plus 7.75% (based on credit evaluation and set at time of loan origination)

No payments due until 6 months (9 months for graduate) after graduation or enrollment in school less than half-time

Annual loan limit: Cost of attendance minus other aid


Online application, 24/7 online account management

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Lender Code 900905

(888)2-SALLIE (888-272-5543)



Market-leading interest rates-LIBOR + 2.50% (2.87% APR) to LIBOR + 10.875% (10.48%APR

No origination fees

Save hundreds-even thousands-of dollars over traditional 15-year payment-deferred private student loans

Flexible repayment options-choose affordable fixed payments of $25 a month or make full interest payments to save even more

Smart RewardSM-earn 2% of your scheduled monthly payment as a reward in your Upromise account when you make payments on time while in school

Earn a 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction while enrolled to make monthly payments by automatic debit

Applying with a creditworthy cosigner may help you qualify for and/or receive a lower interest rate

You can apply to release your cosigner just 12 months after the separation period and making 12 consecutive on-time principal and interest payments

Borrow what you need-up to 100% of your education costs

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