Graphic Design Program Revamped With Young Artists in Mind

Students in one of Ed Brandt's graphic design classes.

© Western New Mexico University

The WNMU graphic design program was recently rebuilt “from the ground up” and is anchored by faculty member Ed Brandt, an experienced graphic designer and multimedia artist who is represented in Santa Fe galleries and locally.

When revamping #WNMU Expressive Arts Department’s two associate degrees in graphic design, Brandt considered the kind of students might be interested in the program and what they will need to know to jump immediately into the profession.

Bringing a background that he thinks many students can related to, Brandt said he grew up with artistic inclinations but a societal and familial expectation to get an education he could use to support himself. Graphic design is a path that enables creative minds to embrace their interests while preparing themselves for a career. “You’re showing yourself that arts are valuable, and you’re achieving something,” he said about the WNMU graphic design program.

Having run a boutique graphic design business since the mid 90s, Brandt said he has always wanted to teach. Hired last fall, he was drawn to Silver City’s art community and to the university’s involvement in New Mexico arts, citing the notoriety of his fellow WNMU Expressive Arts professors and the apparent passion for supporting up and coming artists in the way of undergraduate courses, post-baccalaureate experiences and workshops.

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