“Philosopher” Author To Continue Degree Program on Campus

Emma Jefferson, the incoming sophomore who earned first place in the WNMU Creative Writing Contest, with the family members who inspired her winning poem.

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“God is found in the white flash
of my sister’s teeth, and in the pattern of the wiggling
squares at the bottom of the pool she splashes into—
not an ounce of hesitation resides in that taught, slim body.

And God is found in the stretching
of my brother’s mouth when the streetlamps flicker on,
and in the ever-violent adieu of the sun from our skies.”

—Emma Jefferson, the incoming sophomore who earned first place in the WNMU Creative Writing Contest for this poem, “Philosopher”

From Carlsbad, Emma completed her freshman year at WNMU online, staying at home until after she turned 18. “I’m going to start classes this fall in Silver City. I want to go to campus, make friends and just enjoy campus life and all of that, get involved with the community,” she said.

The psychology major is considering a pre-law minor. “Those two can go really well hand-in-hand,” she said.
Emma wrote this piece for a creative writing class. The assignment was to follow the theme of another poem, which looked into the universe and a higher power. “I just automatically thought of my sisters who’d literally just invited me to go jump in the pool. My family members are my world,” she said.

The lifelong word lover began writing poetry early in her teen years. “It’s nice to get a little recognition. I entered this contest thinking I’d just get some extra credit for class, but I got this email. That was pretty amazing and exciting,” Emma said.

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